What is SAP FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management)?

Every organization aims to have a soft flow and high gains at the end of each stage of production and product delivery. SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) has a collection of tools which allows you to bring about improvements in the metrics of product flows and maximizes profits by minimizing expenses. It is alike to the traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) system, with the addition of financial features that are further extended in this module.

Financial Supply Chain Management
Financial Supply Chain Management

SAP FSCM  also analyzes different kinds of data so that significant steps can be chosen to maximize financial outputs, with the utilization of least inputs. It also acknowledges the financial requirements of all employees and the different departments of an organization.

The modules of the SAP FSCM can be more characterized into:

1.      Treasury and Risk Management
2.      Collections Management
3.      Cash and Liquidity Management
4.      Credit Management
5.      Electronic Bills and Payment

Treasury and Risk Management: As the title implies, this module is all about handling your transactions and the risks associated with the same. With it in place, all financial processes can be automated and streamlined completely the business. Additionally, it estimates interest rate disclosures, manages credit and offers the right ways of resolving risks. Within its flexible reporting tools for the evaluation of different financial transactions, you can have all the essential knowledge at your fingertips.

Collections Management: With this module, you can control receivables efficiently. It also permits you to process the growing receivable balance in a short span of time. It can be classified into four phases that include - the choice of customers, prioritization of customers, and processing of receivables. With SAP Credit management system for high-speed processing, it is possible to enhance the cash flow of accompanying, increase its performance levels through automation, decrease the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and perform the precise integration of this module.

Cash and Liquidity Management: This module helps an industry maintain its liquidity and money risks in the most effective manner. All the unnecessary data is reduced by this system that also supports in enhancing the efficiency of planning processes. The overall aims and objectives of a company are controlled precisely by the SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM). With it in place, you can also get an insight into global cash flows and the risks associated with the same.

Credit Management: This module allows companies to significantly reduce their balance of arrears such as DSO. It also maintains all payables/ liabilities and prevents you from making a payment that has already been made in the past. Presenting reliable access to all credit data on an organization, this platform allows automated real-time decisions to all departments; so as to get immediate results.

Electronic Bills and Payment: The billings and payment schemes in an industry have to be handled adequately, and one method of accomplishing this is by retreating to electronic means. This includes digitally signed electronic invoices, data conversion services, archiving services and similar protocols. With the aid of suitable SAP FSCM modules, the troubles of managing bills in hard copies, signing each and every one of them, and storing them securely, is entirely excluded.

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