What is SAP FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management)?
Every organization aims to have a soft flow and high gains at the end of each stage of production and product delivery. SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) has a collection of tools which allows you to bring about improvements in the metrics of product flows and maximizes profits by minimizing expenses. It is alike to the traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) system, with the addition of financial features that are further extended in this module.

SAP FSCM  also analyzes different kinds of data so that significant steps can be chosen to maximize financial outputs, with the utilization of least inputs. It also acknowledges the financial requirements of all employees and the different departments of an organization.
The modules of the SAP FSCM can be more characterized into:
1.Treasury and Risk Management 2.Collections Management 3.Cash and Liquidity Management 4.Credit Management 5.Electronic Bills and Payment
Treasury and Risk …